Thursday, December 6, 2012

I fear the hounds are loose!

[ I love my dog. Afraid of other dogs. My dog hates them too. He may have started skirmishes.... ]

\party over--oops--outta time!

Have no Fear!  Seems we've made it past the dreaded "D-Day"... December 22nd, 2012. But perhaps a good deal of "fear" has been replaced with "tredpidation", because--think about it. 

The Mayan Calendar, upon which most of the dire-warnings and diverse "explanations and suppositions" of the Fearful are loosely-based. That Calendar records the path of our Sun, as it makes its solar orbit through our galaxy; on a larger scale--our life-giving star, which we call the "Sun"--is a mere glimmer shimmering along with other glimmers, orbiting [what to me appears to be] an unseen force, or mass. 

Because of the margin of error that one must reasonably account for, when dealing with very large "hunks" of time--it is a distinct possibility that we are not out of the woods yet.

Hindsight, as you may have heard, is 20/20. It might not be a bad idea to keep the path to the Ibunker", or wherever you might hunmker, when waiting out some life-changing event outside your perimeter, home, zone, property, or outpost. 

What good is hindsight, if all you have to look back on is the regret you have for letting your guard down? Do you think there will be a major "electromagnetic event" in the not-too-distant distance? 

Whatever may be the outcome of any literally "earth-shaking event"--whether now or then, indeed, ever--there are sure to be different "lessons" or experiences from which to glean great knowledge... but it may be that there is a limited number of results! 

If that were the case, I would be of the mind that; whatever happens, however it occurs, and of course--whenever it happens--such a "happening" likely has a "window of opportunity". This particular window should be one with the best view of whatever might come into view. Just to "play it safe", for now, don't nail any huge boards over any windows that may be representative of any sort of cosmic opportunity. 

Though infinitesimally not likely to present itself... And even if any sort of "End Of Time" related correlatives do happen to happen--it would matter little to a world of wandering "souls and entities" who, by and large, give equal consideration to all possibilities, good; bad--and even risky! 

To the few hundred thousand Sleeping Sheep affected by distinct revelations of previously esoteric facts, which now become as obvious as a non-functioning lightbulb--are making themselves known, seeming to appear as one thing, only to be another thing. Always a thing of necessity. Some things can disguise themselves as necessities, but if you do not hunger, suffer the elements, and are well-at-ease in a dwelling whose most inherent value is recognized by you as
... hidden where most folks would choose to last look. In p[lain view". The very idea that the possibility of a chance at a world where the rules are your domain... [you make the rules!] Other than you do a bit of shopping for some nicely tailored wolve's clothing" nitially, I would require that each and every rule make itself. Rules which break themselves can be considered to be both wholly irrelevant-- or incomplete and impertinent. They are not rules--for they failed to make it so--and this is the unspoken rule that the rule must follow. This is what its energy is for--the only ruling that is acceptable is quite obviously the cause and effect of a rule-less "opportunity", or--Holy Snards of Glackton! On the surface, it seems quite innocuos... under the steaming water, it is as submerged as a sunken vessel--gold laden, and devoured by voracius sea-mud
--following an event whose "whenever factor" has been thought to expire, yet still waits in the wings, in character--Delayed Death... played by inimitable Creator of Creations [presumably].
that should enable, and never impede--the natural-flow-of-things [over which we have no control, and therefore--no reponsibility.


This Keeps You Awake Nights

A lot of folks can decide, "It's bed-time!"--in their... brains-- most likely--and then go lie down and immediately commence to sawing a stack of logs [Zzzzzz] that would impress regular loggersgiant lumberjacks and various other collectors of freshly killed wood. Paul Bunyon comes to mind, in a big way. 

I envy these people who can achieve sleep so rapidly. They manage to wash up, brush the teeth, and have their abode locked within 2 minutes, and then--after carefully hiding their gold, baubles, and jewels [god knows where]--it's off to La-La Land, which is, of course, where we all sleep, and also where most of us shop for a decent La-La.


curse you, you bat, man!
how high can you go/
kiss not yon fair maiden
bonfire, bon ami
respond to the fear

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