Wednesday, June 26, 2013

People Think This Movie Is Sickening!!

Dave Disorda's                            PARANOIA-RAMA             

you been hypnotied!

The Lord of the Rings, the trilogy of movies that seemed to contain every detail that the novels did, was not my favorites series of cinematic sizzlers. I waited  like, ten years, until it was offered on DVD, before I even thought I might think of maybe thinking I might even dream of wanting to take a look at these films. But I had a child that wanted to see that stuff. So, I watched as much of the three films as I could. But I never felt nauseous about any of it.

Nowadays, 3-D movies are all the rage. The special glasses that must be worn aren't like the silly ones we used to have to wear. They look like something you'd buy at Lenscrafters, if you had bad taste in eyewear. But they look feasible.

But what's this? Looks like there is an element of nausea, after all! So, buy some popcorn, in case you need to hurl into a box all of a sudden.

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