Sunday, June 23, 2013


What exactly is a "PARANOIA-RAMA"?
When there is an over-abundance of something--good, or bad--adding the suffix "rama", is my way of indicating such a situation. A saturation situation, so-to-speak. 

In The Free Dictionary, online, I lifted the following:

-orama or -ama or -arama or -rama,
a combining form extracted from panorama, diorama, or cyclorama, occurring as the final element in coinages that denote a display or spectacle, or the space, as a store or hall, containing it:audiorama;scoutorama;smellorama.

And there it is. I might clarify that I'm not referencing literal paranoia. "Paranoid" is a term that people use, quite often, to dismiss or invalidate a statement, concern, or worry of another person. And we will even use the word inwardly: " Silly me, I am just being paranoid", as some element of self-reassurance. 

So my use of  the "paranoia" angle is just an exaggeration of basic, good old down-to-earth fear. Paranoia-Rama is a collection of the myriad of things we are afraid of, worry about, or feel anxious about. It's a very broad range of topics. Perhaps a bit too broad... I fear.

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